Great Easter Basket Stuffers

Coming down to the wire with Easter basket or gift shopping? We’re here to give you some ideas for making any basket bigger and better! The products below are some of our favorites. From all-time classics to a few contemporary winners–jog your basket memory with this list!

Jelly Belly Spring Mix Baby Carrot

Jelly Belly Spring Mix Baby Carrot. Photo of the carrot-shaped packaging.

The classic Jelly Belly Easter Carrot Bag is filled with Spring Mix jelly beans in a bag shaped like a carrot. At 4.25oz this is perfect for an Easter morning treat or saving for a road trip or vacation. Tangerine-flavored.

Jelly Belly Spring Mix

Jelly Belly Spring Mix. Photograph of the box.

If the Jelly Belly Baby Carrot is too much candy for Easter morning, a Spring Mix box is the perfect replacement. At just one ounce and containing a mix of sweet flavors, this box is great for a more bite-sized ‘sugar high.’

Jelly Belly Speckled Chocolate Malted Eggs

Jelly Belly Speckled Chocolate Malted Eggs. Photograph of the packaging.

Jelly Belly makes more than just jelly beans. These speckled chocolate malted eggs come in a 4.6oz gift bag and are great for sharing on Easter morning. Chocolate malt balls with crispy shells… what’s not to love?

Easter PEZ

Easter PEZ. Photo of an opened Easter PEZ retail box.

It’s almost cheating to put PEZ on any Easter basket or Christmas Stocking list. What holiday candy selection is complete without PEZ? This year’s Easter PEZ features 2 different bunnies and 1 chick style to choose from.

Easter Block Pops

Easter Block Pops. Photo of the 3-styles of Easter Block Pops (Lamb, Chick, Bunny).

Special occasions sometimes require special candy–or in this case, special ‘push pops.’ These block pops are basically large push pops that will last for most of the morning–we hope! Available in 3 different styles & flavor combinations.

Easter Chocolate Lollipop Collection

Easter Chocolate Lollipop Collection. Photo of 3 different styles of chocolate Easter lollipops.

A perfect gift for one basket or three! These chocolate lollipops are shaped like Easter eggs and bunnies and are perfect for any Easter basket. Each lollipop is large–so you may want to put it away and save it for later to avoid sugar overload.

Baby Duck Finger Puppet Book

Baby Duck Finger Puppet Book. Photo of the book.

Looking for a basket gift for a toddler that isn’t candy? The Baby Duck Finger Puppet Book will fill that role perfectly! Great for babies and toddlers, this book will set the mood for any Easter morning (or night).

Jake the Milkless Easter Bunny

Jake The Milkless Easter Bunny. Photograph of the candy package.

Looking for a chocolate treat that is still vegan? Jake the Milkless Easter Bunny has your vegan needs covered! Jake is course a Vegan, but is also:

  • Top 9 Common Food Allergen Free
  • All Natural, Dairy Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Nut Free
  • Soy Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Egg Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Sesame Free
  • Artificial Color
  • Flavor Free

Palm Pals Queeny Bee

Palm Pals Queeny Bee. Photo of a plush bee.

Add some swag to any Easter basket with Queeny Bee. Amongst the swarm of commoners, Queeny reigns supreme. Dazzling with elegance, Queeny is a top-tier bestie that will treat you like royalty… and is safe for all ages!

Ganz Springtime Pals

Ganz Springtime Pals. Photograph of various pieces of Easter plush.

Springtime Pals are the perfect way to add some non-candy flavor to top off an Easter basket. Available in 4 styles, springtime pals are great for all ages. Pick from 4 styles to complete your Easter basket(s) with style!

Silly Putty

Silly Putty. Photo of the Silly Putty Packaging.

A timeless classic! Silly Putty is a great way to add something fun to any Easter basket. Spending Easter at grandma and grandpa’s house? Don’t forget to use Silly Putty to soak up some ink from the comics section of the Sunday paper!

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