About Oswald’s Pharmacy

Serving Naperville Since 1875

A collage timeline of the history of Oswald's Pharmacy. All 5 owners plus the current generation are featured. About Us page image.

Oswald’s Pharmacy is more than just a pharmacy. We don’t just fill prescriptions. Our pharmacy offers in-depth personalized service, free home delivery in Naperville, a medication synchronization program, immunization shots, and medication management therapy. Oswald’s is also an authorized Home Medical Equipment (HME) vendor, specializing in lift chairs, manual mobility aids, compression hosiery, power mobility, and medical rentals.

Oswald’s Pharmacy was opened in 1875 by Strayer & Cassem, who quickly sold the business to William Wallace Wickel in 1877. For over 135 and counting, Oswald’s has been in the same family (Wickel-Oswald-Kester-Anderson). Each generation of the Oswald’s family has brought innovative new ideas that have helped keep Oswald’s ahead of the curve.

Second generation owner Louis Oswald added a soda fountain to the store in 1917. Third Generation owner Harold Kester remodeled the store, doubling its size. Fourth generation owner Robert Anderson brought Oswald’s into the computer age. Fifth generation owner Bill Anderson moved the store to a new location and reemphasized medical equipment sales. Current sixth generation manager Alex Anderson has taken Oswald’s into the digital age and put an emphasis on natural & organic products.

Oswald’s has served Naperville for over 135 years. As Naperville has grown, Oswald’s has grown. Our products are curated to offer what people need, including gifts, toys, greeting cards and a great natural & organic product selection.  From prescriptions to gift items, we have what our customers need when they need it. Better service. Same Copay. Locally owned.