Taking Care of Your Mobility Scooter in the Winter

Most people don’t use their mobility scooter outdoors during winter in the northern states. Aside from large outdoor-only models, most scooters can be dangerous to drive on ice or snow. Scooters, for the most part, are left in the garage.

A common question is how to take care of a mobility scooter in the winter. There isn’t any one answer to this question, so we’re going to go over the best ways to keep your scooter in shape.

Keep Your Mobility Scooter Inside During the Winter

This doesn’t mean that your scooter needs to be in your home. A garage, shed, or storage locker are great examples of indoor storage areas. Extended exposure to cold air will damage your mobility scooter battery.1

Mobility scooters primarily use lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. Both of these types of batteries are affected by cold weather. If the temperature is below 32°F, a scooter battery will slowly lose overall capacity. If this happens for an extended period, the battery will become unusable.

You should make sure to cover your mobility scooter with a tarp or something similar while it is in storage. Keeping a scooter clean is half the battle when it comes to upkeep.

Make sure that any area you use for scooter storage has easy access to an electrical outlet? Why?

Charge Your Mobility Scooter At least Once per Week

Many mobility scooter batteries require regular use to maintain a consistent charge. The scooter manufacturers I have talked to (Golden Technologies and Pride) recommend charging their units once per week when not in use.

Remember to make sure you have a heavy-duty extension cord if your scooter charger won’t reach an outlet. This especially applies to old or donated scooters (situations where you aren’t familiar with the battery). 16+ gauge extension cords are the safest bet.

If you can’t keep the whole scooter inside, there is another option.

If You Don’t Have Space for Your Mobility Scooter Outside, Keep the Battery Inside

Mobility scooter batteries are the part of a scooter that is most affected by disuse. Keeping the battery inside during winter months can ensure your battery has a full charge come spring.

Many modern scooter batteries have a charging port right on the battery itself. This makes charging possible without having the whole unit present.

If your scooter battery doesn’t have a charging port directly on it, your scooter manufacturer may sell a battery docking station. These stations allow batteries to be charged without being attached to a scooter.

Store Your Mobility Scooter Somewhere Safe

Throwing your scooter in the corner of your garage or shed may not be the best idea. Your scooter may be damaged if someone bumps into it or drops something on it while it is in storage.

Scooters aren’t the best ‘space-saver’ items to store. They have awkward footprints that can make them tough to fit into tight spaces.

Look for a low-traffic storage area to put your scooter during downtime. If your scooter is covered, be sure to put some type of notation on it so other people know what it is.

Many current-generation mobility scooters can disassemble for transportation and storage. If you have a newer scooter, use this feature to your advantage! Remember to mark these scooters if they are covered in a high-traffic area.

Using Your Mobility Scooter in The Winter

If you need to take your mobility scooter somewhere in the winter, you may run into the cold weather enemy of keeping things clean—salt!

Regular household cleaners don’t work as they normally do when it comes to salt residue. Liquid dish soap and a tough sponge work very well when it comes to cleaning salt residue off your scooter footboard or tires.

For more delicate areas on your scooter (panels AKA the colored parts), you can use white vinegar and warm water with a soft sponge. This combination will get rid of salt residue without damaging the style of your scooter.2

**Remember to only use as much water as needed. If you are washing delicate areas (driveshaft or battery dock), excess water may drip and damage the wiring in the controls**

Mobility Scooters at Oswald’s Pharmacy

Our Medical Equipment Showroom has dozens of scooters in-store for you to try out. Our certified technicians and retail team members can help you pick out the best scooter for your needs.

If you are looking for a scooter short-term, we rent mobility scooters by the week or month.

If you have any other questions that weren’t addressed in this article, feel free to send us an email or give us a call.


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Written by Wil Anderson

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