Great Gift Ideas for Graduation

Graduation 2022 is coming up fast! Congratulations, parties, and gifts are in order to celebrate your loved ones. Finding a unique gift for your grad can be tough–especially if you want to avoid gift cards.

This blog is going to feature some of our favorite gift ideas for the graduation season. Many of these gifts come in tons of different styles, so be sure to swing by the store and check out our great selection!

Graduation Gifts for Kids & Undergrads

Jolly Green Apple Palm Pal

Jolly Green Apple Plush. Photo of the plush toy.

This plush apple is the pick of the bunch! A super-soft 5” plush toy, the Jolly Green Apple is perfect for young children who just graduated from any program. Potty training, pre-school, swimming lessons… the graduation gift opportunities are endless.

Graduation Mad Libs

Graduation Mad Libs. Photo of two graduation Mad Libs books.

The most fun gift on our list, graduation Mad Libs are a great way to liven up the boring car rides to and from graduation ceremonies & parties. Mad Libs are fun for the whole family–kids and adults can both have fun using verbs, adjectives, and nouns to great hilarious stories!

Graduation Frame

Lawrence Frames Graduation Frame. Photo of the frame with a tassel on the right side.

This gift is perfect for immortalizing any graduation in a classy frame. The Lawrence Frames graduation frame can be used by both parents of grads and grads themselves. Remember your kids or loved ones’ big days with style and class!

Graduation Gifts for College & Beyond

Ganz Wish Charms

Ganz Graduation Charms. Photo of a charm and inspirational text card.

A perfect memento to give to graduates of any higher learning institution. Each wish charm comes with a card featuring an inspirational or aspirational quote. These charms aren’t just for college graduation–they are also a great gift for certifications, licensure, and more!

Willow Tree Quest Sculpture

Willow Tree Quest Sculpture. Photo of the sculpture.

The Willow Tree Quest sculpture is a great gift for anyone who graduated and needs a decoration for their new desk job! This small sculpture is beautifully crafted and will fit perfectly in any office or cubicle.

Gifts at Oswald’s Pharmacy

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