Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2022 is right around the corner! Cookouts, parties, and gifts are in order to celebrate your loved ones. Finding a unique gift for the dads in your life can be tough–many of our team members say their dad usually buys all the things he wants, leaving no good gift ideas for the family!

Luckily our gift buyers have been hard at work selecting some great gifts that can make your job a breeze. Don’t worry about browsing online and waiting for your package… stop by anytime and check out these great items (and more)!

Father’s Day Gift Accessories

The Golf Mug

The Golf Mug. Photo of the Golf Mug in packaging.

A gift for dads who can’t find enough time to hit the links.

The Golf Mug is perfect for any dad who loves golf but spends most of his time behind a desk. This mug features a unique shape that acts as a hole for the mini club and ball packaged with it. Set up the perfect green at any desk!

Ginger Fox DIY Mug

DIY Mug. Photo of the mug in a box.

A gift for dads who love making coffee (and everything else) for themselves.

The DIY mug is a perfect gift for old-school dads who build and fix everything themselves. Is your dad constantly starting projects he may or may not be able to handle? Does your dad love coffee? If you answered yes to both of those questions, your dad will definitely appreciate the DIY coffee mug!

Stanley Money Clip & Bottle Opener

Stanley Money Clip. Photo of the Stanley Money Clip tin case.

A gift for dads who don’t use wallets and enjoy bottled beer.

This money clip features a bottle opener and an engraved Stanley logo–perfect for dads who love tools! A leather strap is also featured so dad can keep his garage and shed keys next to his bottle opener for those long outdoor workdays!

Father’s Day Books


The Little Book of BBQ

The Little Book of BBQ. Photo of the book.

A gift for dads who love BBQ and grilling.

The Little Book of BBQ features recipes, tips, and tricks for everything BBQ. This hardcover book is easy to read and is perfect for coffee tables, desks, bathroom magazine racks, and anywhere else dad will have time to read. The Little Book of BBQ also pairs nicely with the next book on our list.

The Little Book of Whisky

The Little Book of Whisky. Photo of the book.

A gift for dads who love or collect whisky.

The Little Book of Whisky is all about whisky facts, history, and trivia. This book is a fine piece to display by a liquor cabinet, bar, or man cave. The Little Book of Whisky is also a fine companion to the Little Book of BBQ!

The Little Book of Golf

The Little Book of Golf. Photo of the book.

Another gift for dads who love hitting the greens.

The Little Book of Golf features a goldmine of quotes from some of the game’s greats. A perfect fit in any office or man cave, the Little Book of Golf is loads of fun for any golf enthusiast to browse through. 

Father’s Day Shaving & Grooming Gifts

Pre De Provence Men’s Collection

Pre de Provence Men's Collection. Photo of the collection of grooming aids & tools.

A gift for dads who work hard and clean up nicely.

Pre De Provence makes high-quality men’s beauty care items that will make any dad look & smell great after a long day. The collection includes:

  • Shaving cream
  • Hand cream
  • Shea butter
  • Shave balm
  • Shower gel

Buy one or combine your dad’s favorite beauty care items to make a beautiful Father’s Day gift!

Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap

Duke Cannon Big Ass Bar of Soap. Photo of 2 boxes of soap; Naval Diplomacy & Victory.

A gift for dads who are so manly even their soap has chest hair.

Duke Cannon soaps are designed to appeal to manly men. Even manly men need to smell nice sometimes! Check out great Big Ass Brick of Soap flavors like:

  • Victory
  • Naval Supremacy
  • Ray Rum
  • Fresh Cut Pine
  • Gun Smoke
  • Big American Bourbon

Find the look and smell your dad will be proud to use as his soap!

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