Purchasing a Lift Chair at Oswald’s Pharmacy

When you are in need of a lift chair, the options may be a bit overwhelming. It may even seem like it doesn’t matter which type of lift chair you choose. The choice does matter and we want to help simplify your decision-making process. We want to address three concerns that most buyers consider when looking for and purchasing a lift chair.

A lift chair can often be overlooked in a home. In fact, you may not see it at all. Lift chairs are nearly identical to recliner chairs, but they have a few extra features that differentiate them. Just like recliner chairs, lift chairs are made in dozens of different materials, shapes, and sizes. Customization doesn’t stop there! Some of these chairs can also feature heat and massage options.  

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Lift chairs are designed to assist anyone who has difficulty getting out of a regular chair. With lift chair position options ranging from two to infinite, the power is in your hands when you choose which chair is best suited for your needs. Oswald’s Pharmacy offers 2 position, 3 position, and infinite position chairs with various options available in each category.

What is a Lift Chair?

So what exactly does a lift chair do? Lift chairs do what they say-they: lift. More specifically, they allow the user control of the chair to prop up and assist getting to a standing position. The user has a remote that controls the lifting system and the recline function of the chair. The remote is extremely user-friendly and gives the user independence and freedom they may have lacked previously.

One important question a lift chair expert will ask is how soon you need the chair. Some patients will desire to own a lift chair permanently while others will only need it temporarily, after a surgery or injury. Here at Oswald’s Medical we both sell and rent lift chairs. Whatever your need is, we can help fill it.

Where Can I Purchase A Lift Chair?

Oswald’s Pharmacy’s 140 years of healthcare experience makes us an easy choice when you have any pharmaceutical or medical equipment needs. We have the experience to assist you in purchasing a lift chair or any other accessories you may need. Contact us today and let us ease your mind. 

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