New Gift Items at Oswald’s

Spring has not quite sprung, but our new gift items from the Atlanta Gift Show have already popped up to be admired. I don’t even know where to begin—we have so much great new stuff. We have a bunch of new gift lines like The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, Easy Tiger, Karma, Modern Sprout, Wit, Alio, and Creative Brands. There are too many new items to talk about, so I’m gonna hit the highlights.

Modern Sprout

One of the new gift lines I’m most excited about is Modern Sprout. They are a Chicago-based company that has created a super gift-able hydroponic growing system. Modern Sprout has colored mason jars with everything you need to start a no-mess indoor garden. I personally bought the Basil plant system. The system took about ten minutes to set up—easy as pie! My plant is now waiting to sprout in my window, which should take two to three weeks. I will have updates for you!

Modern Sprout hydroponic kits. A blue jar of the Pansy variety to the left of a red Zinnia jar.

New Products from Michel Designs

The wait is over for new Michel Designs products. We have all the new styles in and, let me tell you, the art and smells are fantastic. We got six new styles in: Pink Cactus, Rhapsody, Confetti, Water Lilies, Garden Melody and Flamingo. The scents are clean and fresh with some floral hints. Pink Cactus has some lovely succulent art, art which is also available on the new Michel Designs scatter rugs in our vestibule. Michel Designs took their new art, along with art from some of their best sellers, and printed them on hand loomed indoor rugs. The new rugs would be a nice addition to a bathroom or kitchen area.

New Michel Designs Soaps. Two Pink Cactus bars of soap in front of a Pink Cactus graphic beauty tray. A bottle of Pink Cactus foaming soap is in the background.

Alio Oil Free Diffusers

Alio oil-free diffusers are a new line for us and they have been flying off the shelves. An oil-free reed diffuser is an interesting concept. How this works is; the scent is infused into a bundle of star-shaped scent sticks which you put in an open base holder. The open base holder lets more scent escape the diffuser. The best part, though? There is no risk of spilling oil all over the place!  I love the concept and our customers do too.

New Offerings from W.S. Badger

Next, we have new products from W.S. Badger. We now carry Badger shampoo bars and tattoo balm. For those who have not seen the ink peeking out from under my shirt sleeves, I do have a number of tattoos. I had a hard time with my last tattoo drying out this past winter. With the polar vortex and indoor heat running so much, my skin was just so dry this year.  Once my new tattoo started to heal, I tried all kinds of lotions to keep it moisturized. None of the lotions I initially tried worked at all.  I decided to give Badger tattoo balm a try and wow. It worked like a charm—my skin stopped having a dry flaky texture and my new ink looks better than ever!

The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild

Lastly, we received our first shipment from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. I have been thinking about bringing this line to Oswald’s for a few years, but I never followed up until this year. Every time I walked by the UPG booth at the Atlanta gift show, I couldn’t help myself from chuckling. Those chuckles were a bit of foreshadowing—I can’t help but laugh every time I pass by our new display. From Ruth Bader Ginsburg magnetic finger puppets to Freudian Slippers, this company delivers on laughs. We also brought in some fun color changing mugs from the UPG; Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers, and others. It’s a thoughtful gift for the thinker in your life.

Freudian Slippers made by the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild. Displayed on Oswald's signature red carpet.

These are just some of the new items we have at the store right now, but there will be more to come, so make sure you stay tuned. I will keep you posted on more fun items as they come in. Happy Spring!

UPDATE 3/25/19

Look at how far my Modern Sprout Basil plants have come along in just 5 days!

Sprouts of Basil plants pushing through the soil in a plant pot. Modern Sprout hydroponic system update from Alecia on 3/25/19. Sprouts visible and going strong after 5 days.

UPDATE 3/27/19

Modern Sprout hydroponic system update from Alecia on 3/27/19. Sprouts all visible after 7 days.

UPDATE 5/20/19

Modern Sprout hydroponic system update from Alecia on 5.21.19. Whole plant is visible after 2 months.

Written by Alecia Eckerle

Alecia is Oswald's retail manager and lead gift & toy buyer. She has been working at the store since 1999. Specializing in unique gift buying tailored to the Naperville community, Alecia maintains Oswald's as a destination for gift & toys. Alecia graduated with a BA in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design in 2003. A graduate of Naperville Central High School in 1999, Alecia has lived in the Naperville area for over 20 years. She is the coordinator for Oswald's events at Naperville Plaza. Alecia and her husband are parents to a beautiful dog named Moses.