Oswald’s Pharmacy 2023 Community Partner

Bike Bald Logo

Bike Bald is a non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of children affected by cancer, and rare illnesses. The organization operates as a local community center focused on charitable activities. Bike Bald offers many programs to help with donations and services to their community. Programs are offered for children, adults, seniors & families.

2024 Update!

Through our customers’ generous donations, funds raised through portions of our sales, and some rounding up to get nice even numbers, we were honored to raise money for Bike Bald!

Bike Bald Community Partner 2023 Totals. Photo of the Facebook Message from Bike Bald about money raised by Oswald's Pharmacy.

Bike Bald Community Partner 2023 Donations. Image of a worker holding the check from Oswald's that was donated to Bike Bald.

Our 2023 Community partner was Bike Bald. Our customers donated $900.00 at the registers, which we ‘matched’  with a $900.00 donation for a $1800.00 total donation to Bike Bald!