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Appointment to Prescription in 30 Minutes

We’re here to make you feel better with a telehealth visit for your symptoms and an expedited prescription when necessary.

where wonder meets wellness

Wonder what’s the prescription for 145 years and counting?

We’re more than just a pharmacy. Whatever you need, or never knew you needed, you’ll find it at Oswald’s. It’s a place where families can come for a unique experience and personal level of care. Where they can tend to the health of their bodies and the health of their spirits. Where there’s always a special surprise hiding in every aisle.

A lot has changed in 6 generations, but our care for customers never has. It never will. Welcome to wonder. Welcome to wellness. Welcome to Oswald’s.

Where wonder meets wellness.

stop by 7 days a week

Walk-In COVID-19 Testing & Vaccines

Online sign-ups are no longer needed! Call us with any questions or click 'more information' below to learn more.

Naperville Pharmacy image. Photo of a pharmacy technician pulling medication at Oswald's Pharmacy in Naperville.

Prescription Refills

Refilling your prescriptions has never been easier. If you need help creating your new RXLocal profile, click here or call us.

Naperville Medical Equipment image. Photo of a grandmother using a rolling walker taking her grandkids for a walk.

Medical Equipment

Our Medical Equipment Showroom is the largest in the Chicagoland area. Expert staff on hand 7 days a week.

Naperville Medical Equipment image. Photo of a woman with a broken leg in a wheelchair.

Medical Equipment Rentals

Medical equipment rentals available for pickup 7 days a week. Delivery and setup available on request.

Naperville US Post Office button image. Photo of a man carrying a package to the post office.

Post Office

Avoid the main Post Office and drop your mail or packages off with our friendly staff! Yes, we are open on Sunday!

Naperville Gift Shop image. Photo of a family looking at several gift items.


Hand-picked gift section includes lines by Michel Designs, Demdaco, Mudpie, and Evergreen. Cards from American Greetings, Carlton, Papyrus, Recycled Paper, Shannon Martin and Up with Paper. Extensive candle selection from Woodwick and Colonial.

Large Puzzle Selection image. Photo of the huge puzzle section at Oswald's Pharmacy.

Toys & Puzzles

Our toy and puzzle selection is constantly changing. Classics like army men, paddle ball, cap guns, Silly Putty, Mad Libs and more are always on hand!

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