All-Natural Solutions for Comfort

It can be tough to find solutions for strains and stress that don’t include some sort of medication. Stress, both mental & physical, can be a huge detriment to your daily life, one that you may be using OTC medications to relieve.*

We have been looking for all-natural solutions to add comfort to everyday problems most people will suffer from at one point or another. Our search led us to products manufactured by iReliev. Their products offer all-natural solutions to daily discomfort–discomfort that can surface due to everything from poor posture to worn-down shoes.

We are going to feature some of the best products we’ve received from iReliev and the areas of comfort they may help you with.

*Please talk to your doctor before starting or discontinuing any medications.

Relaxable Pillow Massager

iReliev Relaxable Massage Pillow. Photo of the pillow.

The iReliev Relaxable Pillow Massager allows users to comfortably adjust a pillow to the desired firmness. Relieve tension from tight muscles or sink into a luxurious pillow at the touch of a button. 

This pillow massager can be used anywhere due to a rechargeable battery. Take your comfort anywhere–from your living room to a vacation flight!

Hand & Wrist Massager

iReliev Hand & Wrist Massager. Photo of the massage unit.

The iReliev Hand & Wrist Massager is unlike any massager you’ve used before. No manual work is required–simply insert your hand and wrist into the soft chamber and let the massager do the work!

An all-natural massage feel comes from the iReliev Hand & Wrist Massager due to inflatable air pockets. Set the tension to whatever level you need, set the heat to your favorite temperature, and let the massager do the rest!

Percussion Massage Gun

iReliev Percussion Massage Gun. Photo of the unit outside the packaging.

Get a deep massage that feels like it’s being done by a professional with the Percussion Massage Gun! iReliev designed this gun for both relief and relaxation. 3 settings allow users to customize their massage and take care of stressed-out joints, muscles, & more.

The ergonomic design feels great wherever you need it and operating it is as simple as selecting 1 of 3 tension settings and pressing a button to go. It’s even easy to use manually–you don’t need another person to help use this massager!

TENS Unit Pain Relief System

iReliev TENS Unit Pain Relief System. Photo of the unit.

This TENS unit was built to last while continuing to provide incredible relief for chronic aches, pains, & more. With 25 levels of intensity and 8 pre-set programs, the iReliev TENS unit has a setting for everyone.

The iReliev standard TENS unit is small enough to fit in your pocket while providing big-league relief. While the standard iReliev TENS unit doesn’t have extra features or a rechargeable battery, its big brother does…

Premium TENS + EMS Pain Relief & Recovery

iReliev Premium TENS + EMS Pain Relief & Recovery. Photo of the unit outside the packaging.

iReliev designed their premium TENS unit for ease of use. A bright backlit screen with easy-to-read numbers and a rechargeable battery make this unit a dream for travel. 

With 25 levels of intensity, this TENS unit is ready to tackle any problems you may have with chronic minor aches & pains. The iReliev Premium TENS unit is recommended for minor pain related to:

  • Arthritis
  • Acute & Chronic Pain
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Recovery from Sports & Activities
  • Warming Up & Supporting Endurance

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