A Message from Alex August 2021

Last week I got an email from my friend Beckie with screenshots from the App NextDoor. If you’re not familiar, NextDoor is a social media app you can download on your phone, or log in to from a web browser and communicate with neighbors and businesses in your community. They describe themselves as “an app for neighborhoods where you can get local tips, buy and sell items, and more.”

The screenshot was someone complaining about their local CVS switching to self-checkout. The woman who posted this message on NextDoor was used to staff on the floor so she could ask questions and the personal touch she liked while checking out. This lack of traditional service also affects elderly shoppers with questions about potential issues or need assistance with the technology. My friend was nice enough to suggest Oswald’s, mentioning we’re a “family business that treats their customers like family!”

Naperville’s Best Customer Service Pharmacy

Being very involved with the growth of our medical equipment showroom over the past 5 years, we often receive comments on how unusual it is to get service from our team members for an entire hour, two, or more while a family is deciding on what lift chair or wheelchair to purchase. We always inform them that this level of service isn’t just relegated to our medical equipment department!

Last year we actually removed one of our endcap displays to put a computer on our sales floor. This computer allows team members to get work done while being on the floor, ready to help customers. In the coming years, I’ll continue to look for ways we can make our employees available to our customers as often as possible. Contrary to a headline from RetailWire “Automated checkout ‘will be everywhere sooner rather than later,” we’re looking to continue being a source of great in-person service.

I don’t want this article to make you think we’re technophobic. We’ve got a very strong online presence (follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @oswaldspharmacy!)–We also do a lot of advertising on Facebook and Google to let more people know about our family run pharmacy. Our web store also provides easy online shopping, bookings, and lots of great information. But when it comes down to the personal service our customers receive in-store, I want to continue to provide the same great experience as the previous 5 generations of my family.

Great Gift Items Hand-Picked for Our Customers

Our dedication to customer service is also evident in the products we carry. This Yelp review from Maureen sums up our offerings better than I could: “Whoever does the buying is doing an awesome job because they seem to have the newest trends. I can shop for my 4-year-old granddaughter, my seventeen-year-old daughter, my 50-year-old sister, and my elderly mother all in the same store. The prices are great as well. I can’t say enough good things about Oswald’s!

We strive to make every aisle of our store easy to browse through to create an exciting shopping experience. Items like locally produced hair care products (Organic Hair Care), vintage safety razors (Parker & Rockwell Razors), and luxurious hand soaps (Michel Design Works, Thymes) make our shelves more interesting than your average big-box store. Somehow even everyday home health needs can be exciting when you’ve got unique product lines in the mix!

Whether it’s a last-minute birthday gift, an in-depth question for our pharmacist, mailing an international package at our in-store United States Postal Office, or helping a loved one find the right mobility aid in our medical equipment department, we’re here to take care of you! If you’re reading this and have never been inside Oswald’s, I’d love for you to stop by! If you’re having trouble with your current pharmacy, I can promise you the level of care you receive from our team will exceed what you’re currently experiencing. We still treat our customers the same way we have since my great-great-great Grandfather ran the pharmacy in the 1870s. I hope to see you looking through our aisles and getting the pharmacy experience you deserve soon!

Written by Alex Anderson

Alex is the current owner of Oswald's Pharmacy. A 6th generation member of the Wickel-Oswald-Kester-Anderson family, Alex focuses on innovation and taking the business into the future. With 7 years of working for Whole Foods Market as a Marketing & Community Relations Specialist, Healthy Eating Specialist, and Private Events Coordinator, Alex has a unique perspective on big and small businesses. Alex is currently President of the Independent Medical Retailers group, an active volunteer in the Naperville Jaycees and member of the NCTV17 Marketing Committee. Alex graduated with a BA degree from Columbia College Chicago in 2009. Alex has spent most of his life in Naperville and Chicago. He currently lives in Naperville with his wife and 2 children (Oswald's 7th Generation!)