What is a Knee Walker?

Limited mobility can prevent you from leading an active lifestyle, doing the activities you enjoy and being with the ones you love–but it doesn’t have to! There are hundreds of mobility assisting devices on the market today. How can you be sure that you are purchasing the right one? Oswald’s Pharmacy wants to make sure you know what your needs are and how to best fill them.

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Knee Walker Benefits

After a lower leg, ankle, or foot injury, your options may be limited, but will likely include a wheelchair, crutches, or knee walker. A knee walker may be your best choice due to several unique benefits and features. While using crutches is simple, it is rather uncomfortable to hold all of your body weight under your arms. Crutches are not the most steady mobility aid and falling is a real possibility. Knee walkers take all of the strain off your upper body while still allowing the injured leg to be 100% non-weight bearing.

Another benefit of using a knee walker is the stability and mobility you have. Because your center of gravity is lower with a knee walker than with crutches, you have much more control over your stability. Steering and moving may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it you will be able to zip around wherever you need to go with ease and comfort. 

Options at Oswald’s Pharmacy

There are several options available to purchase at Oswald’s Pharmacy. Our most stocked brand, Nova, offers a standard knee walker, heavy duty model, and heavy duty tall model. Each of these high-quality knee walkers is a great alternative to crutches, allowing for increased mobility with less risk. The Nova standard knee walker has a weight capacity of 300 pounds with an adjusting knee pad and weighs only 26 pounds–ideal for those 4’11” – 6’2”. The Heavy Duty Walker weighs 29 pounds with a weight capacity of 400 pounds and the same height range as the standard. Similar to the heavy duty model, the heavy duty tall knee walker has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and is built for the tall–those with heights between 6’2” and 6’8”.

We also offer the Roscoe E-Series knee scooter as a more affordable option. This economy knee scooter is ideal for transportation and storage because of its easy to fold construction. Both the handlebars and knee platform are height adjustable for users of all sizes. The Roscoe E-Series knee scooter supports weights up to 250 and user heights of 4’11”-6’6″.

The Nova fleece cover pad is an ideal comfort accessory for both short-term and long-term use of all knee walkers. If you are using a knee walker or scooter and are on the go, heavy use can lead to uncomfortable rubbing of the knee and shin on the seat. A fleece cover pad is the perfect way to add some comfortable padding between your knee and the seat.

Knee walkers are an ideal solution for those who have a foot, ankle, or lower leg injury and are in need of increased mobility. When you shop at Oswald’s Pharmacy you can be sure that we will help you choose the right type of knee walker. Our expert team members are happy to assist with any other needs you may have. Visit our convenient Naperville medical showroom or our online products section to view a selection of our inventory.

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