Easy Access to Medical Equipment At Your Local Pharmacy

While you may be excited to “break free” after a hospital stay and finish your recuperation in the comfort of your home, leaving behind the helpful medical equipment like your adjustable bed, wheelchair, and other assistive devices can sometimes make your recovery more of a challenge.

Obtaining these sometimes-bulky supplies and ferrying them home can be an obstacle. Fortunately, you should be able to obtain just about anything you need from your neighborhood full-service pharmacy. Read on to learn more about the wide variety of medical equipment available at local pharmacies like Oswald’s Pharmacy.

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Durable Medical Equipment

The ability to rent large-scale medical equipment you’re likely to need for only a short time, like lift chairs, wheelchairs, crutches, and motorized scooters, can be invaluable. Faced with the prospect of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for these assistive devices, many budget-conscious consumers may simply go without; but by visiting your local pharmacy, you’ll be able to thoroughly explore all your rental options

Daily Living Aids

When you’re dealing with diminished mobility, even basic tasks like using the restroom unaccompanied or taking a shower can feel like climbing a mountain. Daily living aids like stools, grab bars, and raised toilet seats can make your activities of daily living much easier and safer and minimize the amount of extra help you’ll need from family members or other loved ones.

Diabetic Footwear

For those whose ailment is less temporary, like Type I or Type II diabetes, staying well-stocked on the proper footwear can help you maintain good health. Compression socks help improve circulation in your feet, while diabetic footwear is designed to minimize rubbing that can lead to blisters and slow-healing foot wounds.

Mobility Access

Although the aging of the Baby Boomer generation has led many architects to design new homes with an eye toward accessibility, many of today’s homes simply aren’t equipped to handle a resident who uses a wheelchair, knee walker, or pair of crutches.

In addition to offering these assistive devices, your local pharmacy can also rent or sell ramps, lifts, and other helpful tools to help transform your home into a handicap-friendly one. This can be ideal if you’re dealing with a short-term recuperation and don’t want to invest in the permanent installation of a ramp or stair lift.

Whether you’re in the market for a rental medical device or need to stock up on some diabetic footwear, Oswald’s Pharmacy has what you need. Our new 4,000-square-foot showroom features just about every type of medical equipment under the sun. Our helpful pharmacists and team members can work with you to determine exactly what you need.

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