Juvo Dressing Aid-Shoehorn on a white background. The left side of the unit is the shoehorn, while the top is a curved, sharp-tipped head used for grabbing buttons and zippers.

Juvo Dressing Aid-Shoehorn

Product Description

A simple, elegant long-handle tool to help people with limited mobility get dressed. Two products in one.

  • The Dressing Aid end helps push clothing off, pull clothing on without having to raise arms. Helpful from a seated position. See video.
  • The Shoe Horn end facilitates putting on, taking off shoes without having to bend or stoop.
  • Dressing Aid–Shoehorn’s 25″ length allows user to reach for items, pull them closer without moving
  • Soft rubberized handle makes gripping easier for those with weak gripor arthritis

$14.99. In-store only.

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