Naperville History Comes Alive on Ozzie's Social Media

Alex here, Oswald’s resident tech guy. Not sure if you’ve been paying attention to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram lately, but we’ve been having a lot of fun posting old Naperville photos. As a 6th generation family member working for the pharmacy, we’ve got a lot of old photos kicking around!

Keep an eye on @OswaldsPharmacy’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what I’ve dug up from the past. In the mean time, here are some fun facts about Naperville over the years:

  • In 1900 the population was only 2,600. Today: over 146,000
  • The Edward Sanatorium opened in 1907 with 14 beds. Renamed Edward Hospital in 1955, today it has 309 beds.
  • Naperville’s first school was established in 1831 with just 22 students in a 14 foot square log cabin. Today we have over 40 public schools in districts 203 and 204 serving over 40,000 students. (pictured above is the original Naperville Community High School c.  1925)
  • Ozzie’s was one of the first Pharmacy’s to support the growing population of Naperville when we opened in 1875. While we no longer sell livestock feed and house paint, we’ve grown and changed along with Naperville. Thanks for being a loyal customer. We appreciate the opportunity to continue serving you and your family!


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Written by Alex Anderson

Alex is the current owner of Oswald's Pharmacy. A 6th generation member of the Wickel-Oswald-Kester-Anderson family, Alex focuses on innovation and taking the business into the future. With 7 years of working for Whole Foods Market as a Marketing & Community Relations Specialist, Healthy Eating Specialist, and Private Events Coordinator, Alex has a unique perspective on big and small businesses. Alex is a co-founder and board member of the Independent Medical Retailers group. Alex graduated with a BA degree from Columbia College Chicago in 2009. Alex has spent most of his life in Naperville and Chicago. He currently lives in Naperville with his 2 children (Oswald's 7th Generation!)