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About the UPWalker

The best new upright rolling walker on the market is now in stock at Oswald’s!

The UPWalker Standing Walker is a revolutionary option for individuals with special mobility needs. Offering the stability of a traditional walker with the mobility of a rollator, the UPWalker is a unique product for people with unique needs. With customizable handles and armrests, the UPWalker is truly one of a kind. Available in 3 sizes (Standard, Small, and Large).


  • Adjustable-height armrests and handles with locking brakes
  • Comfortable canvas seat and backrest
  • Sit-to-stand seat handles, making it easy to get up
  • 8″ wheels, making outdoor travel easy
  • Foldable frame; folds to just 10.5″ across for easy storage
  • Comes with personal bag, backrestĀ and cup holder

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UPWalker Overview Tutorial Video



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UPWalker Specifications

Features Standard (H200) Small (H200-S) Large (H200-L)
User Height Range 4’7″-5’10” 4’4″-5’5″ 5’0″
User Weight Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs 350 lbs
Length 33.5″ 30.5″ 36″
Width 23.5″ 21.5″ 25.5″
Armrest Height Range 33″-45″ 31.5″-40.5″ 36″-49.5″
Seat Width 18″ 16″ 20″
Seat Height From Ground 20″ 20″ 21″
Sit-to-Stand Handle Height 30″ 28″ 32″
Unit Weight 23 lbs 21 lbs 25.5 lbs
Wheel Size 8″ 8″ 8″
Folded Dimensions
Length 33.5″ 30.5″ 36″
Height 37.5″ 35″ 40″
Width 10.5″ 10.5″ 10.5″

All UPWalker models have a Lifetime Warranty on the frame, as well as a 6-month warranty on non-durable components & accessories.

Complete warranty information available on the official UPWalker FAQ.

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UPWalker landing page image. The UPWalker Large next to the UPWalker Standard on the Oswald's Pharmacy Medical Equipment Showroom Floor.
The UPWalker Large (Left) and the UPWalker Standard.
UPWalker landing page side by side comparison. The UPWalker Large and the UPWalker Standard back to back, showing the height difference between the two.
The UPWalker Large (Left) at top height next to the UPWalker Standard at low height.
UPWalker comparison. The Large model is on the left, while the standard model is on the right. This overhead shot shows the 2" difference between the two models.
Overhead view of the UPWalker Large (Left) and it’s 2″ larger width compared to the standard (right).

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