Sigvaris Well Being hosiery worn by a model wearing a white skirt sitting on a white chair. The stockings are black and the background is white.

Sigvaris Well Being Hosiery

Product Description

SIGVARIS WELL BEING products are intended for men and women with healthy legs who temporarily suffer from venous problems relating to specific situations in life such as long-distance traveling, pregnancy, work or weather. They serve to alleviate venous symptoms such as heavy legs, tired legs, and swollen ankles.

SIGVARIS WELL BEING is a product line which focuses on the well-being of your legs. It offers long-term prevention, improved leg health, and an optimal look.

Includes the following lines:

  • Performance Sleeves
  • Sheer Fashion for Women
  • Business Casual for Men
  • Eversoft Diabetic Socks
  • Sea Island Cotton for Women
  • Sea Island Cotton for Men
  • All-Season Merino Wool for Women
  • All-Season Merino Wool for Men
  • Athletic Recovery Socks
  • Casual Cotton for Women
  • Merino Outdoor Socks
  • Casual Cotton for Men
  • Cushioned Cotton for Women
  • Cushioned Cotton for Men
  • Microfiber Shades for Women
  • Microfiber Shades for Men

If you would like to order compression garments online, please call the store at 630-355-6500 or send an email to info@oswaldspharmacy.com . If you order without specifying the size or compression you need, we will contact you. We want to ensure that you get the right compression for your needs.

Need to get measured for compression garments? Stop by and have one of our certified fitters help you out! We measure every day from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. Call to schedule an appointment! 630-355-6500

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