Medi Day Gel. Compression donning aid. Pink and tan tube next to the box it comes in. 50ml size.

Medi Day Gel

Product Description

  • Reduces the feeling of tension and reduces sensitivity of the skin.
  • Horse chestnut for firmer vessel walls.
  • Menthol refreshes and witch hazel stabilizes the tissue structure.
  • Use Medi Day Gel directly before putting on the compression garments and let the day begin!

50 mL tube/150 mL tube

The gel for use during the day cools with menthol, soothes with glycerin, and tones up the vessel walls with horse chestnut extract.

People with very sensitive skin, or those who are susceptible to allergies, are well advised to use medi skin care. It is absorbed rapidly and leaves no residues. Patients with venous diseases will certainly appreciate these top-quality products to accompany their compression therapy.

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