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48-Hour Drive Up PCR/Molecular COVID-19 Test

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Product Description

Schedule an appointment for a PCR/Molecular COVID-19 Test today. Get your test results in 48 hours*.

*If using for travel we recommend scheduling 72 hours in advance. Occasionally if the lab is backed up during peak travel dates, results may not be emailed for up to 72 hours. If you have any detailed questions regarding timing and this test, please email philip@bridgediagnostics.com from Bridge Diagnostics who process the test results. Please add “ELLKAY_Notification@ellkay.com” to your contacts, as that’s who the results will be emailed from.

**With dry air, as is common in winter, the tissue lining the nasal cavity is more susceptible to injury and bleeding. Please use a humidifier in your bedroom the night before or in the hours leading up to your appointment, as it may help reduce the likelihood of a bloody nose. You may also take a hot shower in the hours leading up to your appointment to keep nasal mucous hydrated and flowing, preventing nose bleeds.

*** Please note that all appointments will incur a $25 cancellation fee. Due to limited access and the time-sensitive nature of COVID testing, appointments cannot be rescheduled or transferred. Only book an appointment if you intend to get tested. Do not book an appointment if you intend to keep searching elsewhere **

Click here to learn the steps to take for your test at Oswald’s Pharmacy. To protect patient privacy, tests will be administered in the back of the store in specially reserved parking spaces. See the map and image of where to park here.

Click here to read more about COVID-19 testing at Oswald’s Pharmacy.

PCR/Molecular COVID-19 Test FAQ

  • Aren’t Covid-19 Tests Free? Yes, many tests are free! Here’s a link to find free local testing sites from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Due to the convenience, cost, and speed to administer this test in a rapid fashion, we’re currently unable to bill public or private insurance.
  • Do you bill insurance? Due to the nature of this molecular test, we are unable to bill insurance. Under the CARES act, most tests are covered. Call your insurance company in advance to confirm they’ll cover molecular tests.
  • When should I take this test? If you’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or are symptomatic.
  • Will this test allow me to travel/work if someone needs proof? It depends. This is a molecular test. Check with whatever agency, organization, or business is requiring a test. We also offer rapid antigen tests and antibody tests.
  • I’m asymptomatic, can’t I just walk in? Unfortunately not. We need all tests to be taken from your car, parked in the back of our store. Our workflow and choice to put the test in the back of the store are to protect patient privacy, our technician, and other customers from those tests that are positive.
  • How Accurate is the Test? There’s over a 99% accuracy for measuring positive test results. This is the current gold standard of Covid-19 tests with over 99% accuracy, preferred by many agencies for travel. Click here to learn more. Please follow all CDC guidelines on safety practices even after testing negative.
  • Do you allow ‘drive-ups’ if I don’t have an appointment? Due to high demand, we are currently not accepting drive-ups.


48-Hour COVID-19 Molecular Tests are in partnership with Bridge Diagnostics.

Click here for more info on COVID-19 Molecular testing.

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  • CDC Guidelines

    Molecular COVID-19 Test Information
  • For cancellations or appointment questions, please email lab@oswaldspharmacy.com.
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