COVID-19 Antibody Testing

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Oswald’s Pharmacy is now offering COVID-19 antibody testing. If you or a family member is worried about COVID-19 and related complications, an antibody test will let you know if you have been infected with COVID-19 in the past.

$49/per test

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FDA-Approved COVID-19 Antibody Test

The COVID-19 Antibody Test used at Oswald’s Pharmacy is the Assure Tech POC Covid-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Antibody Test. This test is on the list of EUA FDA-Approved COVID-19 antibody tests.

Please show up on time! If you’re over 5 minutes late for your appointment, it will be canceled. All cancellations must be made more than 48 hours before your appointment.

Oswald’s Pharmacy COVID-19 Antibody Testing Process

  1. When you arrive, please head to our medical equipment department toward the back of the store. Ask the front desk clerk for instructions if you’re unfamiliar with the store layout. We’ll also have a sign posted directing you to the testing site.
  2. Fill out the required paperwork before your test begins.
  3. Wait for the certified phlebotomist to call you into the office. There will be chairs to sit on in the waiting area.
  4. You will be called into the procedure room at the time of your appointment.
  5. Our phlebotomist will verify your name and date of birth, then proceed to take a blood sample.
  6. When the sample is gathered and your puncture site is covered, you’ll be released back to our waiting area.
  7. Within 15 minutes our phlebotomist will give you the results of your test.

General Information and Policies on COVID-19 Antibody Testing.