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About Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Great Western Lake

The Mother’s Milk Bank of the Great Western Lakes provides pasteurized human donor milk to babies in the NICU as well as any other babies. Oswald’s Pharmacy is a proud partner, serving as a depot and dispensary.

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How to Donate

Donors are screened by the bank prior to making any donations, they are given a donor number and instructed to call the depot nearest to them to drop off their donation. Contact the bank to inquire about the steps to become a donor.
Approved donors can drop off any amount of milk during normal business hours, with the latest drop-off being an hour before closing (Mon-Fri 7PM, Sat 5PM, Sun 5PM). We ask donors to call ahead to ensure our freezer has enough space for the donation. The milk must be frozen, in tightly sealed baggies. The Milk Bank requires the donor’s number to be visibly written on the outside of the bags. At the time of donation, you’ll be asked for your donor number and the timeline of when the milk was pumped.

Other Milk Bank Services at Oswald’s

Mothers' Milk Bank of the Great Western Lake Oswald's. Image of the Milk Depot Sign.

We also sell 4-ounce (120ml) bottles from the Milk Bank. This milk has been processed by the bank and approved for sale. Bottles are priced at $20.00 per bottle and there is no limit on how many bottles can be purchased. If a large amount is required please let us know prior to your visit. We keep a short supply in stock but are able to order more from the bank, typically with next-day shipping.
We can not bill your insurance, all sales are final.

Additional Information

Any further questions or concerns can be directed to:
The Mother’s Milk Bank of the Greater Western Lakes