A Message From Bill July 2019

Merry Fourth of July everyone! Merry? Indeed. We’re just past the halfway point to Christmas 2019 and we are already beginning to receive holiday merchandise! We have most of our Old World Christmas ornaments up and on display. Gift wrap and other Christmas goods are coming in every week along with Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Even after 40 years of working retail, stocking Christmas merchandise in July still seems odd. It’s especially odd on a day like today—94 degrees with 60% humidity. This weather doesn’t exactly say ‘White Christmas.’

Keeping Up With Your Family

But enough about Christmas, we have plenty of time left to get ready for the holidays! July is all about vacations and enjoying some of the weather we look forward to in January and February. Now that we have finally started to have some true Summer weather we have a lot of customers coming in to see and test drive our mobility scooters and power chairs.

Whether our customers need a 2-day rental scooter or want to purchase a full-time out-door model, power mobility has been very popular this year. It’s easy to see why. Modern mobility scooters disassemble in seconds, most pieces weigh under 40 lbs., and (when assembled) they give the driver a great deal of independence.

Granting independence to those in need is one of the reasons we expanded our medical equipment shop 4 years ago. Buying a piece of medical equipment, especially a mobility scooter or power chair online can lead to a purchase that doesn’t suit the user. One size definitely does not fit all! We wanted to have multiple units to test, different sizes to try out, and alternate options if something didn’t work out. Many people think they need a scooter but after looking over options find that a power chair is a better fit.

A Few Notes On Scooters

Both scooters and power chairs can be used inside or outdoors, but have a few differences and function better depending on terrain and obstacles. A scooter is made for longer trips, as it has a larger battery and front tiller to drive like a car. A power chair is more suited to indoor use—turning on a dime and being controlled from a hand-mounted joystick allow close-quarters maneuverability.
I wanted to write about scooters this month as a PSA about how helpful they can be for summer holidays and vacations. If mom is visiting for the Fourth but can’t make a trip to see the fireworks on foot, renting a scooter is an easy solution.

Wrapping It Up

Vacations that seem undoable due to mobility issues are an option again. Most scooters can go on planes without issue—remember to call your airline first!
Just like the Christmas season, midsummer is a great time to spend with family members. Being able to accommodate a loved one for a trip to Ribfest is a way to make a summer vacation that much better.

Speaking of Ribfest, this year also marks the final year of its presence at Knoch Park. It’s sad to see Ribfest move from Naperville after over 30 years. Knoch Park has been a great location, but Ribfest has outgrown the site. Moving the festival will allow more people to attend and enjoy the great music and food. It was a good run and I’ll always have fond memories of going to the fest with Nicki and our kids over the years. Enjoy your Summer everyone!

Written by Bill Anderson

Bill is the current owner of Oswald's Pharmacy. A 5th generation member of the Wickel-Oswald-Kester-Anderson family, Bill became general manager in 1979 and bought the business from his father in 1991. In 2004 Bill orchestrated Oswald's move from Downtown Naperville to Naperville Plaza. Bill graduated from Knox College in 1978 with a BA in Art, minoring in History. A graduate of Naperville Central High School in 1974, Bill is a lifelong Naperville resident. Over the years Bill has served as a current member and past president of the Naperville Rotary Club, current member and past chairman of the Downtown Naperville Alliance, and as former Naperville Riverwalk commissioner. Bill lives in Naperville with his wife, just a few blocks away from their grandchildren (the 7th Oswald's generation!).