A Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing A Wheelchair

If you are currently in a situation where you or a loved one needs increased mobility, a wheelchair or transport chair may be just what you need. Oswald’s Pharmacy knows shopping for mobility aids can be confusing and time-consuming. With nearly a century and a half of service and experience at our disposal, we know how to help you choose the right wheelchair. Not all wheelchairs are created equally; with hundreds of options on the market to choose from, knowing what to look for can help narrow your search.

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What To Look For

  • Transport Wheelchair vs. Wheelchair: If the patient is unable to self-propel, a transport chair is a better option. If the patient is able to push themselves but would like the option of assistance, a wheelchair is a better choice.
  • Chair sizes differ based on the weight of the patient.
  • Lightweight chairs are ideal for travel but can also be more expensive.
  • Leg rests come in swing away or elevating versions. Both are removable. Elevated leg rests are an add-on, they do not come standard.
  • Transport chair armrests come in a two options, full arms or desk arms. Desk arms are ideal for those who would like to be seated closer to a desk or table.
  • Some wheelchairs have detachable armrests which can be set in either the standard or desk positions. Detachable armrests also make patient transferring much more manageable.
  • Additional accessories are available in our store for increased comfort including seat cushions, back cushions, armrest covers and more.

Options At Oswald’s

With over 50 models of wheelchairs and transport chairs to choose from, you will find what you’re looking for in our store! Our team members would be happy to walk you through many options and help narrow down what is best based on the patient’s needs and price range. We stock three brands: Nova, Karman, and Strongback. All of our wheelchairs are high-quality and selected for their versatility and durability. We have an incredible selection available. With seat sizes ranging from 16” to 24”, all types of arm rests, leg rests, unique features and benefits, and options for all price ranges, you will find the chair you need.

We also offer several accessories to make life easier while using your wheelchair. EZ Access Mobility Ramps are lightweight ramps that makes any destination you travel to wheelchair accessible. Several threshold ramps are available, which make getting over stubborn door frames easy. There are dozens of seat cushion and cover options to choose from including gel foam cushions, fleece seat covers, convoluted foam cushions, waffle cushions and much more.

Our Naperville showroom has dozens of wheelchair options for you to browse with a staff of expert team members to answer any questions you have. Our wheelchairs are also available to view here on our website along with other products and services. When you visit our store, be sure to check out our great gift and toy selection–we have gifts for everyone!

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