Our 143rd Year

Happy New Year Everybody! We just wrapped up our 142nd year serving our wonderful community. Looking back over the last 12 months it was a very active and productive year!

Personally, 2017 was a great year. Granddaughter Tillie is now a busy 20 months old and the joy of my life. She has developed a very independent personality and wants to do everything for herself. She was the center of attention throughout the holiday season. Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with my parents, kids and grandchild was such a treat! Nicki and I are truly blessed. Also, having sons Wil and Alex and nephew Jerry working here at Ozzie’s is also what made last year fun. It’s what family business is all about.

Professionally, the year has been very busy and went by way too fast. Our medical equipment department continues to grow and keep us all busy. Alex and Jerry attended the MedTrade show in October and brought back some new and innovative items. We now have two different light weight wheelchair providers, Karman and Strongback. They also found “In Motion Pro Crutches”, a unique spin on the traditional crutch. It features ergonomic handles and spring shafts that assist the patient when moving. We have also added stair lifts to our mix. If you are not familiar, it’s a chair that rides a rail attached to your staircase. For people that have trouble getting up and down the stairs it’s a godsend. A lot of what we are doing in the DME side of the store is trying to help people age in place by adding equipment and devices that allow you to stay in their homes. As we all get older it’s nice to see all that is available to help us out!

the other side of the store, our great pharmacy staff took care of all our customers old and new. Alecia and Kathleen kept our gift, toy and card departments well stocked with some new and interesting merchandise. Our outstanding holiday gift merchandise was extremely well received this season. One thing that really surprised me last year was the explosion of fidget spinners and “thinking putty” to help kids focus their attention. Fad or here to stay? We will find out!

I hope 2017 was good to all, and wish you everyone a healthy and prosperous 2018!