Össur Formfit Pro Knee Brace. Image of the knee brace--black with a blue interior. Extra padding around the patella area.

Össur Formfit Pro Knee Brace

Product Description

The Össur Formfit® Pro Knee is a compressive knee brace/sleeve that features SmartPad™ support and cushioning. The SmartPad™ design comfortably realigns the patella. The lightweight, removable spiral-stay design ensures optimum shape and fit. The Össur Formfit Pro has distinct patella graphics that make donning intuitive.

         Össur Formfit Pro Knee Brace Features

Össur Formfit Pro Knee Brace features. Icon images of the Formfit Pro features (Motion Tech, Cool Vent, Stay Bilizer, and Smart Pad).

  • MotionTech™ for compression and dynamic fit with superior moisture wicking and breathability, keeping your knee cool during wear.
  • Lightweight CoolVent™ knit in the popliteal area for added breathability and comfort
  • Patented StayBilizer™ system for easier and more secure support
  • Patented SmartPad™ for targeted support and cushioning
  • Certified medical grade compression (20-30 mmHg)

Össur Formfit Pro Knee Brace measurements. An image of where to measure for fitting the brace (6" below mid-patella for calf, 6" above for thigh).

Size Calf Circumference Thigh Circumference
Extra Small 10¼ – 12¼ 14⅛ – 16⅛
Small 12¼ – 14⅛ 16⅛ – 18⅛
Medium 14⅛ – 16⅛ 18⅛ – 20⅛
Large 16⅛ – 18⅛ 20⅛ – 22
Extra Large 18⅛ – 19¾ 22 – 23⅝
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