Jobst donning gloves. White and blue textured gloves. Used for donning and doffing compression stockings.

Jobst Donning Gloves

Product Description

Jobst 100% Cotton Donning Gloves

Jobst Donning Gloves provide a better fit and grip in helping don your compression stockings and socks. Inexpensive, durable and practical, these donning gloves are designed to assist in donning compression garments. Donning gloves provide a better grip on your stockings and help protect them from punctures and runs that may be caused by finger nails or jewelry. Made of 100% cotton and specially coated in a blue latex to improve friction.

Helpful Hints:

Compression garments are easier to put on when you first get out of bed, before swelling occurs. Remove rings and jewelry that could damage your garment Use gloves (rubber or vinyl) to help position the garment on your leg Make sure your skin is dry before putting on your hosiery Avoid rolling or bunching the fabric as this will create too much pressure in specific areas Apply a thin layer of cornstarch or powder to help the stocking (or sleeve) slide smoothly over your skin Apply moisturizer to your legs (or arm) in the evening – not just before putting on your garment

Available in Small for Women and Medium for Men

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