EHOB Waffle Cushion with pump. A tan waffle cushion used for pressure and bed sores.

EHOB – WAFFLE Multi-Care Pad with L.A.D. Pump

Product Description

The WAFFLE Multi-Care Pad is a double cushion offering relief to the back and the seat area in a wheelchair. It can also be used laterally to cradle and stabilize the patient. It comes with a WAFFLE L.A.D. Pump to easily inflate the product.


WAFFLE  Seating Pads help to decrease pressure, friction and shear for the patient.  The low profile design maximizes area of contact to equalize pressure and unload the soft tissue at risk. Skin temperature and moisture are controlled with the pattern of holes, creating circulating air, dissipating heat and allowing the skin to breathe. All WAFFLE products are “natural rubber latex” free. This product also has flame resistant qualities in accordance with California Technical Bulletin 129 and ASTM E1590.

  • Size: 35″ x 15″ x 2″
  • Warranty: 90 days


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