An image of a nova commode liner over a gray commode bucket. There is a white absorbent pad on the liner, outlined by orange and the in-picture caption "super absorbent pad." The product box is in the background.

Nova Commode Liners


Product Description

Nova Commode Liners are manufactured by Cleanis, a trusted name in medical hygiene products. A drawstring bag with an absorbent liner in the bottom, commode liners are an excellent quality of life option for any home with regular commode use.

Nova Commode Liner Features

  • Avoids commode chair pail soiling
  • Securely collect, transport and dispose of solids and liquids, infectious or not
  • Recommended for nosocomial infections
  • Time-saving compared to manual washing or washing in a commode washer
  • Improves health care or home care assistant work
  • Provides comfort to the patients and their family
  • Improves hygiene of the commode chair, promotes its use and avoids very early diaper use, encouraging independence
  • Neutralizes bad odors
  • Item Number: PA-1080
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