Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company's Fall collection. A picture of the fall collection box and the pumpkin pie truffles box. A pumpkin pie truffle is shown in the corner with a bite taken out of it revealing the truffle interior.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Fall Collection

Product Description

The Fall Collection from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company (3C) is here! Only a limited batch has been produced for fall 2018. In-store only.

Boxes we stock:

Fall Collection – This limited edition box features 6 fall favorite chocolate flavors. Pumpkin pie truffles, Swiss chocolate truffles, German chocolate cake truffles, pumpkin pie caramels, peanut butter smoothie chocolates, and sea salt caramels.

Pumpkin Pie Truffles – A whole box of pumpkin pie truffles! Real, natural pumpkin spices infused into 3C’s chocolate and handpainted with orange chocolate (no artificial colors).

Each box is 3oz. of handcrafted chocolates!

Available in-store only.

$9.99 ea.

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