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Smart Caregiver Cordless Monitor product photo. Image shows a woman getting of the pressure sensitive pad on the left side of the photo, alerting another woman on the right side of the photo.

Smart Caregiver Alert Motion Sensing Exit Alarm


Product Description

Eliminates in-room noise

The “New Patented Technology” CordLess® Fall Monitor is cord free and can be mounted where you need it – away from residents – eliminating bothersome in-room alarm noise.  Monitor can be easily wall-mounted at the bedside or in a hallway up to 50 ft. away using the provided wall-mounting hardware.

Patented safety features

This monitor features Patented, cutting-edge technology that automatically lets a caregiver know if the signal between pad and monitor is lost or if the monitor is out of range.  In addition, this monitor features an optional Patented TamperProof™ Setting, which when enabled requires caregivers to use the provided Caregiver Key to turn off the alarm.  This ensures that resident’s cannot accidentally turn off the monitor.

No Cords!

Cordless alarm system has NO cords between pads and monitors, which reduces tripping hazards and eliminates broken or tangled pad cords.


*Setup is quick and easy – insert batteries and it’s ready to use

*Chime Alert

*Motion Sensor requires (1) 9V battery (not included)

*Two-sided mounting tape and/or screws (included)

*Wide field of detection with an approximate range of 30ft

*Flexible swivel bracket can be set at an appropriate angle for monitoring for use by bedsides, hallways, and doorways to alert caregiver when resident attempts to vacate a seat, bed or anywhere in resident’s room and can assist the resident before a fall occurs.

Model TL-2100G

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