Anodyne Casual Oxford Laced dress shoe. Laces, shoe and sole are all back.

Anodyne Men’s Casual Oxford Laced

Product Description

Anodyne Men’s No. 12 Casual Oxford

For: Diabetes, Bunions, Hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy

Use: Walking, Working, Active Lifestyle

Sizes: 7 1/2-12, 13, 14

Colors: Black, Burnished Brown

Anodyne, by definition, is something that brings you a sense of soothing and comfort. Anodyne Shoes are designed to be super comfortable and functional while still maintaining a casual, everyday style.

Features of Anodyne Shoes:

  • A light weight outsole for all day comfort and increased durability
  • A padded collar to prevent possible irritation where the material meets your ankle
  • A padded tongue to prevent foot slippage and ensure a great fit
  • Lining designed with the absolute minimum number of seams, lowering risk of irritation and rubbing
  • No metal anywhere in the shoes. Metal can irritate and damage the skin while also making it harder to manufacture the shoes. No metal means safer shoes
  • An antimicrobial treatment that ensures every pair of shoes are 100% hygienic. 100% natural treatment
  • Extra Depth to accommodate for swelling and placement of orthotics/inserts
  • Protective toe box to protect the toes from bumps and more
  • A shank in the arch are of the shoe to add extra support
  • A heel counter to provide maximum foot support by cradling the heel

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