A Message From Alex February 2023

Every holiday season I’m reminded how hard our team works to curate a gift, toy, and candy selection second to none in the pharmacy space. It’s not an easy job to constantly bring in new products, close out old products and keep things interesting! But our team sure does it. 

The Holidays at Oswald’s

During the holidays is when I see the largest amount of new customers at Oswald’s. Usually, they were at Casey’s or Trader Joe’s and needed to stop by for something pharmacy-related—not knowing what else we sold. When they discover our gifts, toys, puzzles, cards, candy, and in-store post office (on top of our wonderful full-service pharmacy, of course!) they’ll often exclaim “I never knew this was here?!”

So if you’re a long-time Oswald’s customer. Be sure to let your friends know, especially those newer to town, that the ol’ pharmacy is still very much here! With quite a unique product selection to boot. To our USPS customers who say our post office is Naperville’s ‘best kept secret’ – I wouldn’t mind if you shared it with a few friends. I promise we’ll keep it well-staffed and the line moving. No need for secrets. We’ll continue to take care of you!

While it’s been almost 19 years since we relocated to Naperville Plaza from our original location on Jefferson St. in Downtown Naperville, I still hear customers tell me they thought we closed when we left Downtown. With how much Naperville has continued to grow these past few decades, it’s always a goal to introduce new Napervillians to Naperville’s longest-running pharmacy!

Modern Pharmacy Advertising

These days we use Google, Facebook, and direct mailers to advertise and welcome new people into our doors. For me, nothing beats someone finding us the ‘old-fashioned’ way: by wandering in for the first time, much to their surprise. Or when a new customer was referred by a friend. Be it for the pharmacy, medical equipment, or shopping for a birthday present! We’re grateful for your support. Customers old and new alike. 

And a reminder for all you last-minute shoppers: Our card selection is still the best in town! If you need a last-minute card for Valentine’s Day (or anything else), stop and pick one out. If you want something special, stop by our gift aisles where you’re sure to find something your partner will love. And for you last-minute shoppers: we will be open until 8 pm on Valentine’s Day. 

Written by Alex Anderson

Alex is the current owner of Oswald's Pharmacy. A 6th generation member of the Wickel-Oswald-Kester-Anderson family, Alex focuses on innovation and taking the business into the future. With 7 years of working for Whole Foods Market as a Marketing & Community Relations Specialist, Healthy Eating Specialist, and Private Events Coordinator, Alex has a unique perspective on big and small businesses. Alex is a co-founder and board member of the Independent Medical Retailers group. Alex graduated with a BA degree from Columbia College Chicago in 2009. Alex has spent most of his life in Naperville and Chicago. He currently lives in Aurora, Il with his wife and 2 children (Oswald's 7th Generation!)