STEAM Toys for Kids

Are you looking for a quality gift for your kids that promotes learning in a fun way? STEAM toys are a great way to get kids to learn while they’re playing.

You may or may not have heard of STEAM. The acronym STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Pretty good list of things to learn while playing, right? All of the toys on this list were designed with the concepts of STEAM at heart.

STEAM Paint Exploration Kit

STEAM paint exploration kit. Photo of the contents of the paint kit in front of the box.

This kit is amazing for encouraging children to experiment with various painting techniques. Kids can paint with various tools, textures, colors, and more to learn how to make amazing paintings. Over 60 pieces!

4M Thinking Kits Dough Circuit Piano

4M Thinking Kits Circuit Dough Piano. Photo of the box.

Made with STEAM concepts at the forefront of design, this kit allows kids to experiment with building a working piano! The dough encourages creativity, which lets kids use different designs to create different tones, layouts, and more.

eeBoo Koala Bounce Game

eeBoo Koala Bounce. Photo of the game box.

eeBoo’s Koala Bounce Game is an amazing tool for toddlers. The game consists of ‘bouncing’ koalas to opposing spaces while learning shapes, colors, and numbers. A winner of the Oppenheim Gold Best Toy Award. 

Banana Panda Figure It Out Puzzles

Banana Panda Figure It Out Puzzles. Photo of the box.

This STEAM-inspired toy encourages children to build a puzzle and then use it as a play board. Each puzzle includes figures that match the theme of the puzzle to play with on the puzzle play board. Create stories, games, and more!

Klutz DIY Rainbow Catcher

Klutz DIY Rainbow Catcher. Photo of the box.

Catch light and create your own rainbows with this DIY kit from Klutz! This set not only comes with the rainbow catcher–it also features a booklet with facts and information on rainbows and light. Get those science juices churning by creating rainbows you know something about!

Exploratorium Exploring the Science of Light

Exploratorium Exploring the Science of Light. Photo of the activity box.

Exploring the Science of Light features a box set of 25 experiments (and tools) to figure out how light works. Shadow boxes, prisms, colors, and more are all featured aspects in this box set. Great to do with parents or older siblings!

STEM Baby Books

STEM Baby Math Book. Photo of the cover of the book.

What is STEM? It’s STEAM without the A(rt). These books are written to encourage very young children to think about STEM concepts at the simplest level. Think about getting your child engaged with core STEM concepts at an early age with these amazing books!

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