Featured Product: Chala Handbags

Mother’s Day 2018 is only a few days away, so we figured we’d share a great gift idea for this week’s featured product… Chala Handbags! Read on to see what Chala Handbags are and for a special Mother’s Day 2018 offer.

A Unique Style

Chala Handbags makes unique purses, tote bags, handbags, key chains and more that will match with any personal style. The design theme on each Chala product is based on a passion—anything from music to pets—and it doesn’t stop there.

Every Chala product is a specific part of your favorite interests. If you like specific dogs, say a Pug, Chala has your taste covered. If you play a specific instrument, like piano or guitar, there are bags for that too. Birds, butterflies, Oceania, zoo animals and more are available on many types of accessories.

Chala currently offers backpacks, messenger bags, key fobs, tote bags, purses, and cell phone purses, among others. Most of these products look unlike anything else you will see on the streets today!

Are You Chala?

All Chala products are custom designed in the US to have a style that feels unique to each item. Hand-stitched patterns give each accessory a timeless apparel feel. Stitching on each product retains functionality while also being incorporated into the design theme.

Chala teal purse, fat cat playing with red and yellow yarn picture
Notice the stitching pattern accentuating the yarn.

Color combinations on each Chala product are carefully chosen. The base color of every bag is a warm, almost neutral tone, accentuated by the ‘pop’ of the bag’s theme. A light-rose colored bag, for example, might have a blue whale on it that comes to life due to a bright blue color. These color combinations are so well-chosen that you might not even realize the contrast on your first view.

Another unique feature of the Chala Handbags line is that they are infinitely customizable! Each key fob comes with a clip, allowing you to easily switch out your ‘theme’ for the day. If Monday is a cat day, but Tuesday is a piano day, have no fear, you can swap out your key fob with a click! Creating your own color contrasts or matches with a great-looking purse has never been easier.

Chala is constantly coming out with new themes and product variations, so the mom or wife in your life will always be able to accessorize with what she wants. Our stock is constantly changing, so be sure to give us a call and see what we have on the shelves.

The Gift for Mother’s Day 2018

Make Mother’s Day 2018 different from Mother’s Days past. Ditch the ‘fresh laundry’ scented candle you buy for mom every single year and get her a purse or tote bag with a theme she appreciates. Put the Amazon gift card back on the hook it came from and show mom you actually care about her interests or hobbies.

Get mom a gift she deserves this Mother’s Day, a gift she can use every day of the year. If you need help choosing the right style or product, don’t hesitate to ask one of our expert gift department staff members. They will be sure to point you in the right direction.

Call Us To See What’s In Stock!

Oh, and if you’re reading this and YOU are the mom… Happy Mother’s Day!

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Written by Wil Anderson

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